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Twenty Months Later

The last post I wrote here was called ‘hiatus’… and that was a long time ago. I think the twenty months without the promised return to blogging can themselves testify to just how intense this period has been. I wrote that blog while in France waiting for the children who were with their dad for…


So the changes hoped for in my first post on this new blog came to pass… I’m starting a new job on 17th August as a Happiness Engineer (technical support) at Automattic, the parent company of digital tools including WordPress.com and WooCommerce. I’m hoping that this will be my last job change… I fully intend…

2020 vision

Things are changing in 2020. At this very moment, I’m trying to change my work and career, and the results of that are a few weeks away yet. But whatever happens, I’m on a new path from here. I stopped writing and blogging publicly online a few years ago due to a complicated and stressful…

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